Bourbon Offshore Marítima
Praça Pio X, nº 55 / 7º andar-Centro
20040-020-Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brazil

Ph.: +55 21 3235-9300
Fax: +55 21 3235-9340

Email: bom@bourbon-online.com   


The Bourbon Offshore Maritima office is located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. In its surroundings we have the church of Candelaria, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil, Casa França-Brasil, Prédio dos Correios (la poste), among many other postcards of the city. Our office is strategically located near the Guanabara Bay, which brings us immediately to the company's activity - maritime services. The new location has facilitated the access of employees, customers and suppliers to the company, as well as to other services that can be found throughout the neighborhood.